Buy Moving Boxes

Buy Moving Boxes

If you have ever wondered where to buy moving boxes and packing supplies, LA Movers can supply you with all the proper materials. We strongly advise all loose belongings be boxed as well as items and files inside the file cabinets. You can do this yourself, pay the mover to do it all for you, or have the mover do partial packing (for example, pack only fragile items and electronics). Remember, in terms of insurance coverage, the mover is only responsible for damages to items inside the boxes he/she packed.

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Recycled boxes are available free from local stores, but they should all be clean, strong and able to close. (During your move, the boxes will be stacked on top of each other.)

Moving Boxes and Packing Supplies Delivery:
You can also purchase new boxes and supplies from LA Movers prior the move or on the day of the move. Various boxes are available including double-corrugated boxes for extra strength. Free delivery available only in Los Angeles areas with the purchase $300.00 or more per order for existing and first-time customers.

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Below is a list of boxes and packing materials you and LA Movers can use to insure the safety of your belongings.

Small carton1.5 cubic feet$4.75
Medium carton3.0 cubic feet$5.50
Large carton4.5 cubic feet$6.25
X-Large carton6.0 cubic feet$7.00
File Storage Box $4.00
E-CRATE (Boxes) Rent
Paper Pads $5.00
Unprinted Newspaper5 lb.$15.00 min
Computer Accessories Bags $2.00
Wardrobe Box20” Wide$20.00
Furniture Pads $20.00
Corner Protectors $3.00
Plastic Box Tape $5.00
Small Bubble Wrap1 foot$1.00
Large Bubble Wrap1 foot$1.00
Stretch Wrapfull roll$100.00

Packing and Wrapping Instructions:

Tape: Every box needs to be taped, top and bottom, with 2 - 2 1/2 inch gummed or masking tape to give it additional strength and prevent opening. You will need approximately one roll of tape for every 15 to 20 boxes.

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Wrapping paper: Ordinary newspaper will do fine for this purpose, but be careful because the print can run and stain your items. For items you want to keep clean, you can buy unprinted white packing paper.

Blankets: Furniture should be wrapped in blankets for its protection. Leave this job to the movers. LA Movers will provide the use of blankets free of charge.

Original packing: Whenever it's available, use the original packing material for your electronic items (stereo, computer, etc.)

If you have any questions on how to pack, please feel free to call us at
(800) 445-1403 or visit our Packing Tips page. We're here to help.

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