THE PROCESS: Frequently Asked Questions
The following are the most common concerns about general moving,
LA Movers and our professional services. If your question is not covered, feel free to contact us at (800) 445-1403 or email us at info@la-movers.com

Do you move companies on the weekend?
Yes, many of our moves happen after-hours, either during evenings or weekends. Under these situations, costs are often lower due to less traffic both in the office and on the roads. Additionally, the impact on your business will be minimal. Our prices remain the same and the efficiency of not competing for loading space and

Do you move PC’s?
Yes, in fact, we not only move them, we now help our customers with disconnecting and reconnecting the PC’s, allowing our clients’ IT staff to concentrate on the overall system. We are also capable of wrapping electronic items to ensure safe delivery.

Can you move our data center/server room?
Yes, we plan the relocation of this time sensitive equipment to minimize downtime. Frequently, we provide a special crew and a “hot truck” to complete the movement of this delicate equipment both efficiently and safely.

We recently purchased a number of flat screen monitors, can you handle them safely?
Yes, we have developed a system to first bubble wrap the monitors and move them in a computer bin with dividers keeping the flat screens immobile during transport.

Who is LA Movers?
Southern California’s moving specialist! LA Movers is the leader in commercial relocation. LA Movers has moved thousands of businesses in Southern California since opening our doors. We’ve built a solid reputation of caring for things you care about most. Staying true to this tradition has been good for our customers and good for our business. Our commitment is manifested in our trained and dedicated people, our complete range of services, and by the experience we pack into every move.

How do I know LA Movers is a dependable company?
LA Movers is a licensed and insured company. We have a reputation of trustworthiness and ethical customer service. A large percentage of our customers are from referrals and repeat business.

Does LA Movers have its own equipment/trucks?
Yes. We operate 24-foot trucks with a friendly, capable, uniformed staff. All moving companies have trucks and warehouses. It’s the people that make the difference. At LA Movers, we train our people to ask the right questions and listen carefully to the answers; this is how we determine what is important to you.

How do I reserve a move?
Simply complete the service agreement and fax/email back to our office. Upon receipt, our sales staff will call you to confirm date/time and any remaining details.

How does LA Movers calculate the cost of moving?
Your cost is based on the amount of hours required, number of crew members and vehicles used, distance to new location and packing supplies used. Based on your inventory, our sales representatives will advise the number of crew members necessary and an hourly rate will be quoted.

Do you ship cars?
Thanks for asking but not at this time!

Suppose I pack myself?
Why not? This is a good way to cut down on your moving expense. However, before you purchase a lot of packing supplies for your move, make sure to let your sales representative know what you want to do. Packing your own items limits the liability of the carrier.

I don’t really need to insure, do I?
LA Office Moving Company itself is insured. Your move will come with a small amount of basic coverage free of charge; generally it is $0.60 per pound per article. On large items this may be enough to cover simple damage. On small items it is probably not enough to cover very much. LA Movers’ claims ratio is well below the industry average, but claims do happen even to the best moving companies. It is not very expensive to have good coverage for your important possessions, and we recommend coverage for those. There are also some things that no one will cover, like the mechanical condition of your TV. You do not want to waste your money but there is also such a thing as peace of mind. Ask your foreman about coverage and which program would be the wisest use of your money.

What form of payment does LA Movers accept?
We accept cash, business checks and major credit cards.

Please contact our office and our staff will patiently answer your questions and guide you through The Process.
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