Insurance Certificates

Insurance Certificates

Insurance We Carry:


  • Each Occurrence: $1,000,000
  • Damage To Rented Premises (Each occurrence): $100,000
  • Medical Expences (Any occurrence): $5,000
  • Personal and Adv Injury: $1,000,000
  • General Aggregate: $2,000,000
  • Product - Comp/op Agg: Included


  • Each Occurrence: $3,000,000
  • Aggregate: $3,000,000


  • Employers' Liability Each Accident: $1,000,000
  • Employers' Disease - Each Employee: $1,000,000
  • Employers' Disease - Policy Limit: $1,000,000


  • Combined Single Limit (Each accident): $300,000


  • Cargo/Catastrophic insurance offers peace of mind during the transport of equipment.
  • Call for Available Coverages and a Free Quote!


  • IMPORTANT NOTE: Valuation coverage is not insurance. Valuation is a tariff level of carrier liability in the event of loss or damage of your goods while under due course of transit by a mover. This type of coverage is unique to carriers alone and therefore it is important for the customer to understand what valuation does and does not cover. Not all customers fall into this coverage. We are happy to provide Limited Liability coverage at no charge to those who qualify. Under this option, a maximum limited cost of $0.60 per pound per article is compensated in the event of loss or damage. For example, if a lamp weighing four pounds is lost or damaged, you will not be able to collect more than $2.40 no matter how valuable the lamp was. For a "Full Value Protection" or a "Replacement Cost" coverages, please call for a quote.


  • You May Provide Your Own Insurance - You may obtain additional insurance through your own insurance agent or broker.
  • Buy Insurance Online - Now you can have a worry-free move! At, we understand how stressful it is to relocate. We help eliminate your stress by providing you with the appropriate insurance for your household goods. Now you can concentrate on your moving needs knowing that your goods are safe, secure and insured.’s innovative technology allows you to receive a quote, buy and download your moving insurance proof of policy at a competitive price from the nation's top insurance providers. And it’s quick and easy! Read This Before You Continue! Moving companies are prohibited by law to sell you insurance policies. The claims to loss ratio and frequency with affiliate moving companies on our site is 50% lower than the nation's average. This means that your goods are covered, with some of the best agents available standing by to help you. The average cost for a policy purchased on our site is less than 1% of the value of the goods' value.
Insurance Certificates Los Angeles

The coverage afforded above does not apply to:

  • Earthquake, flood, tornado, etc.
  • Hostile warlike actions or acts arising from riots, civil commotion, strikes, or labor disturbances.
  • Any article of extraordinary nature in value such as: antiques, fine art, painting, statuary, and similar articles, which by their inherent nature cannot be replaced with new articles; or articles whose age or history contribute substantially to their value. This includes, but is not limited to: memorabilia, souvenirs, and collector’s items, unless a special agreement has been stipulated to do so beforehand. This includes, but is not limited to jewelry, furs, stocks, bonds, cash, antiques, and art collections. Any article of extraordinary nature/value must be identified separately on an inventory that must be included with the bill of lading.
  • Loss or damage resulting from wear and tear, insects and pests, atmospheric conditions or extreme temperatures.
  • Acts of omission on the part of the shipper such as neglecting to prepare for the designated time of the move.
  • Internal electrics, LCD/Plasma TV’s or mechanical items, whether packed or unpacked by LA Movers or the shipper.
  • Loss or damage consisting of breakage to fragile items, such as china, glassware, etc., unless packed by LA Movers or unless caused directly by fire, theft, collision, or overturn of transport vehicle.
  • LA Movers will not be responsible for any damages to items within PBO boxes or any press wood furniture.

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Unloading Your Goods and Checking For Damage

Upon completion of the delivery, the driver will ask you to sign the Job Completion Release form. Before signing it, be sure that all the damage and any lost articles are noted. If the driver will not make such notations, make them yourself before signing in the comments section. Remember, telling the driver about these things is not enough. Do not sign any delivery papers for the driver until the delivery is completed. When you sign the delivery receipt, you accept your goods in good condition, except as noted on the receipt.

Remember, the time spent by you on inspecting your goods at the time of delivery for damage and lost items will be a major factor in collecting for loss or damages.

Certificates of Insurance (COI)

  • Insurance Certificates are available should your building require proof of liability insurance, waiver of subrogation, 30-day notice of cancellation, etc. Keep in mind, that it may take a few days for the turnaround.

Call us for more information at (800) 445-1403 or email us at .


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