Moving Estimate

Moving Estimate

Moving Estimate done right! - LA Movers will gladly come to your location to meet directly. Our move coordinator will discuss all the details including items to be moved, floor plans, logistics and other pertinent issues. If need be, we can also survey your new location in an effort to provide appropriate manpower and equipment. After completing the onsite visit, LA Movers will send you an estimate outlining our action plan and costs.

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How We Determine the Moving Cost

As you plan for your move, the last thing you will want to experience is a surprise expenditure. That is why we strive to give you an accurate total cost estimate for your move. It will help you in planning and finding ways of saving money. The moving estimate that we give you is a precise representation of your moving needs. We have a transparent billing system and that is why we are willing to show you how we calculate our estimates. Here are some of the things that we look at as we calculate the moving cost.

The Moving Distance

Distance is among the top factors that affect any move. It is a crucial element especially if you are moving out of state. We use distance as part of our calculations while creating an estimate. As we consider the distance, we check whether we are dealing with an intrastate or interstate move. Interstate moves are more expensive because we need proper licensing for the same. We need to get the US Department of Transport number to be able to provide interstate moving services legally. The other thing that we need is the right insurance to cover your move. These are additional business costs that always trickle down to the customer.

The Moving Services

The other factor that helps us to determine the moving cost is the services that we offer to you. We offer several factors to our clients and you can get them from us at varying costs. The basic service is when we collect packaged belongings and move them to the desired location. It is the cheapest service because our professionals do very little work. You can also get pavement to pavement services from us. It means that we will not enter into your home of office to pick the boxes. When we arrive to your new office or home, we will leave the boxes outside. It all depends on your unique needs and budget.
If you want us to provide packing services, you can be sure that the pricing will be slightly higher. It is a service that you need to consider especially if you are moving precious items or when going for a long distance. With this service, we will be able to pack all your belongings.
The overall packing cost varies depending on the size of your move. If you need to pack more items, the service will be more expensive. Fragile and large items also increase the cost of packing. The estimate that we give to you is a direct reflection of the type of services that you get from us.

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The Size of the Move

The overall size of your move is the other factor that determines the estimate that you will get from us. That is why our professionals will always ask you about the size of your move. It is among the main determinants of the move because it tells how long the move will take and the truck that the company should use. The cost will obviously be higher if you are moving several items.
The other factor that we consider is the weight of your move especially if you are dealing with a long-distance move. Heavy items will increase the cost of your move and it is one of the things that we factor in. If your stuff is lightweight, you can be sure of paying less. We also pay close attention to the size of your home or office. If it is hard to navigate through your property, it will increase your moving costs. If the building or apartment does not have a functional lift, it will also increase the cost of the moving estimate Los Angeles. Moving costs are low when it is easy for the movers to get to your items.

The Moving Time

It is more expensive to move at certain times of the year. The reason is that the demand for moving services at certain times of the year is normally very high. It is more expensive to move during the summer months than the winter. You will also pay more if you schedule your move around the holidays. That is why we encourage you to schedule your move during the off-peak seasons. Waiting until the low season is the best way to overcome the high costs that are associated with moving. The best time to move is during winter and fall. When the demand for moving services is low, it automatically translates into lower costs.
This is not the only time of the year that influences the cost of moving in Los Angeles. The time of the month of week can also affect the moving estimate. It is usually cheaper when you move during the last two weeks of the month than the first two. You can also pay less when you move within the course of the week and not over the weekends. All these factors also influence the cost of the move.

The Moving Insurance

As an out-of-state moving company in Los Angeles, we possess basic moving insurance. This insurance does not cover the full value of your possession and hence you need to think about this. It is advisable to get your own insurance. In case your belongings are damaged during transit, it will make sure that you have the right coverage. There are moving companies that provide full value protection. With such an insurance, the company will assume full liability for the repair and replacement costs for the damaged items during transit. If you work with such a company, it will definitely increase the cost of your move. Make sure you have a clear understanding of the insurance coverage that we offer for your belongings. All in all, we strive to make sure that we have your best interests at heart. We don’t want you to lose even a single item during transit. That is why most people prefer to use LA Movers for all their moving needs in Los Angeles.

All of this is done FREE of charge!

To get started call us at (800) 445-1403 or email us at with some basic information about your upcoming project and the request for a free onsite estimate. We will schedule one of our move coordinators to visit you at your location at your convenience. In most cases, the same move coordinator is assigned to run the job from the planning stages to the last piece moved for more accuracy and best performance. Call us today!


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