Moving Shelves

moving shelves

Moving shelves can be tremendously challenging.

Here at LA Movers, we know first hand how tedious it is to move large shelving systems around while trying to maintain the inventory in good and organized condition. We have the know-how and experience required to make sure your next shelf move goes without a hitch. – Moving shelves just got easy!

We can also supply you with the proper tools, manpower, and strategic knowledge to make the transition as seamless as possible.

When you book moving shelves professionals, we will come to your location and:

  • Dis-assemble and take apart the shelves
  • Package and pack all relevant inventory
  • Label all of your packaged inventory appropriately, clearly, and concisely
  • Efficiently load all materials into our trucks
  • Transport and relocate both your shelves and materials
  • Unload all materials into desired area of your choice
  • Install and reconfigure all shelving units
  • Re-rack all your inventory on the shelves
  • Dispose of any extraneous materials

We will dis-assemble the shelves as well as pack all the materials and inventory associated, label all the boxes and other moving materials as necessary, load them, move them to your new location, quickly unload them, then reinstall all your shelving units and re-rack the inventory that we first took off. Moreover, our business mover company will also take care of any trash or recyclable materials.

Additionally, if you have pallet racks that need to be moved or relocated, check out our pallet rack page for more information

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