Server Relocation Checklist

Here is a complete server relocation checklist. Email:

Moving of  Server Room / Network

  • Where will your server(s) and networking equipment reside in the new space? Is there a dedicated room with adequate physical security?
  • Power – Have you considered the power requirements for your server room?
  • Cooling – How will the room maintain an appropriate operating temperature? Have you planned for dedicated air conditioning for the room?
  • Server Rack – Will you want to relocate your existing rack or purchase new? Often logistically it is much easier to purchase a new rack than try to move the existing one as they are very heavy and expensive to move.
  • Network Rack – If you have more than approximately 144 network ports, you should consider having a network rack to keep servers & networking equipment separate.
  • Cable Management – What would you like your server room to look like? An “F1 Garage” or a flea market? Now is your opportunity to invest in proper cable management, labeling, etc.
  • Servers & Virtualization – Have you considered any server upgrades as part of your move? When you are looking at significant infrastructure upgrades such as cooling & power, it makes sense to consider the question: Could we reduce the number of physical servers in our environment?
  • Internet – Will you be moving your existing Internet service to the new location or will you be looking at new options? Moving is a great time to assess the capacity and performance of your
  • Internet line. Note: Often times providers are unable to provide service to the new location. Keep in mind that if you are with a larger telecommunications company often you may require 2-3 months or more of advanced notice.
  • Network Wiring – Have you considered all of the locations where you may need a computer, phone or printer in the future? We typically recommend placing at least 2 Cat5e cable runs per location. Remember to include wireless access points, TVs, A/V equipment and printers on your floor plan.
  • Wireless – Wireless is rapidly becoming a necessity versus a “nice to have”. Have you considered providing ubiquitous coverage for your new location? Depending on the product selected and configuration of the space, a good rule of thumb is that you should plan for one wireless access point (WAP) per 2000 square feet.

After the Move:

  • Collect old keys, cards
  • Replace office art
  • Periodically visit old office to pick up mail
  • Schedule security, phone training

Armed with this checklist and a focus on communication, you should be able to guide your company through an office move with a minimum of disruption. Good luck!

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