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LA Movers is the #1 white glove delivery, installation and moving company in Southern California. For over 19 years, moving company Los Angeles is recognized as a leader in quality-of-work, reliability and efficiency, it's no surprise that more businesses, large and small, choose our local movers for their furniture assembly, moving and storage needs in Los Angeles, Ventura, San Bernardino, Riverside and Orange Counties. So, whether you are moving a few things across the hall or are looking to relocate hundreds of offices cross country, call us - our furniture movers Los Angeles are here to help. Over the years, we've done thousands of jobs and earned multiple awards and positive reviews from happy customers. What does full service mean? It means we do just about anything. We relocate entire offices, move data server rooms and computers, cubicles systems, moving medical equipment, and packing and transport sensitive electronic equipment. Our clients find our server movers, cubicle movers and office furniture movers to be effective and efficient. That's what makes us one of the best moving companies Los Angeles has to offer -- office movers Los Angeles.

We are a fully staffed Los Angeles moving company capable of performing the toughest jobs. Whether you need a moving estimate, moving helpers, moving and storage service, or just moving tips, LA Movers friendly support members are here to help! As the industry leading commercial moving company, we shrink and bubble wrap all your valuable items with precision, and carefully transport them on our moving trucks as well as office furniture installation. We use specialized moving equipment to safely and quickly transport your computer equipment, artwork, product inventory, etc. For your paperwork, we offer an environmentally friendly and efficient solution: ecrate plastic boxes. We can deliver them a few days before the move for you to pack up your space or you can have our skilled movers help you pack and unpack. We can also perform office furniture removal, ewaste, scrap metal and junk removal. Ask us about post-move office cleaning and data center cleaning services. We do all that to be a leading moving companies in Los Angeles and offer One Stop place for your personal and business furniture assembly, moving and storage needs.

The thing that separates us from your average moving company in Los Angeles is our commitment to high-quality and honest, pure moving service. All of our movers have gone through extensive training and keep up to date with the latest safety protocols and expert moving techniques. We offer comprehensive, no hidden cost local and long distance moving services designed to get you the best value for your dollar.

Even though we are local movers, that doesn't mean we're limited to residences! Our past business clients include companies such as Google, Napster, Yahoo, Paramount Pictures, Universal Studios and Sony, as well as TV Shows, movie studios, and various other firms. We have years of experience in handling electronic equipment including computers, printers, copiers, phone / data switches, servers, and network installations.

We also serve the greater Los Angeles area and most of southern California. If you're going from anywhere within southern California or across the Nation, we got you covered -- expect more from the best moving company in Los Angeles!


Serviced Area Los Angeles

Searching packing, moving, shipping or installation services near you?  Cities We Cover in Los Angeles, Orange, San Bernardino, Riverside and Ventura for all your household or business service needs:

Baldwin Park
Beverly Hills
Canoga Park
Canyon Country
Diamond Bar
Granada Hills
La Verne
Long Beach
Los Angeles
Marina del Rey
North Hills
North Hollywood
Palos Verdes Peninsula
Panorama City
Playa Vista
Redondo Beach
San Dimas
San Fernando
San Pedro
Santa Clarita
Santa Monica
Sherman Oaks
Signal Hill
Simi Valley
Studio City
Thousand Oaks
Van Nuys
West Covina
West Hills
West Hollywood
Westlake Village
Woodland Hills

Packing, moving, shipping or installation services in San Bernardino, CA:

Apple Valley
Big Bear Lake
Chino Hills
Grand Terrace
Joshua Tree
Lake Arrowhead
Loma Linda
Lucerne Valley
Mt Baldy
Rancho Cucamonga
Running Springs
San Bernardino
Twentynine Palms
Yucca Valley

Packing, moving, shipping or installation services in Orange, CA:

Aliso Viejo
Buena Park
Costa Mesa
Fountain Valley
Garden Grove
Huntington Beach
La Habra
Laguna Niguel
Lake Forest
Mission Viejo
Newport Beach
Rancho Santa Margarita
San Clemente
Santa Ana
Yorba Linda

Packing, moving, shipping or installation services in Ventura, CA:

Port Hueneme
San Buenaventura
Santa Paula
Simi Valley
Thousand Oaks
El Rio

Packing, moving, shipping or installation services in Riverside, CA:

Moreno Valley
Cathedral City
Lake Elsinore
Palm Desert
Palm Springs
San Jacinto
La Quinta

The Best Residential and Commercial Movers in Los Angeles

As a reputable loving company, we will help you to load, pack, move, and even store your stuff. LA Movers is the company that you need when moving to a new country, state, or town. It can be tiresome and stressful to move your goods and family to a new location. However, what we do as a moving company is to make sure that you are getting the best experience possible. All you need to do is choose our brand and you will make the entire moving process stress-free.
With so many moving companies in Southern California, you may find it a bit hard to narrow down to a single one. However, with the right knowledge on how to differentiate moving companies, your eye for quality will not let you down. You need a dependable and established moving company that has an excellent track record. Here are some of the qualities that make us to be the best moving company in Los Angeles and beyond.

Cost Estimates

As a professional moving company, we will give you the specific rates for our services. We advise out customers to read all the clauses in the contract with a very keen eye. One thing that comes out clearly about our services is that our charges are very transparent.There are no hidden fees that will cost you later because we uphold high levels of integrity. Our professionals will visit your home and give you an accurate estimate of the cost moving. Therefore, there is nothing like shifting of goals posts when using our professional moving services.
As reliable movers Los Angeles, we are always ready to visit your home and this helps us in making accurate cost estimates. We are able to tell you the amount of money that you need to pay before we even offer our services. Therefore, you can have the confidence that there are no hidden charges or surprise fees when dealing with us. That is one we are the number one choice for most people in Ventura, Riverside, San Bernardino, Los Angeles, and Orange Counties. Our customers acknowledge the fact that we lead and others follow.

Licensed Professional Movers

The other thing that you need to confirm whether the professional moving company is licensed appropriately. Like any other State, Los Angeles has specific requirements that moving companies should meet. A good moving company should be able to show you its qualifications in as far as licensing is concerned.
The requirements of moving over state lines are also different. As you check out for all this, it is good to understand that our company conforms with all the legal requirements. Therefore, in case something goes wrong in the course of service delivery, you can be sure that you are in the right hands. A licensed and reputable company like ours will always have the interests of its customers as a priority. We don’t want to do something that will shed negative light on our company. We know that it takes several years to build a brand name and we don’t want to lose that overnight.
Our company has all the necessary licenses that are issued by both the federal and state authorities to conduct moving services. It is prudent to confirm whether the company has the right licenses before you can hire them to undertake the moving exercise. Don’t sign any documents with a company that cannot show you a proof of their business registration status.
The intrastate moving companies should be duly licensed by the department of transportation of the United States and that they should have a valid USDOT number. Also check whether the company has the American Mover & Storage Association (AMSA) membership and also the Better Business Bureau. All these are part of the things that will prove to you that you are in the right hands.


As a reputable moving company, we carry a comprehensive insurance cover for both your valuables and our vehicles. One of the worst mistakes that you can make when choosing a moving company is going for one that is not insured. In such a case you will be exposing your valuable assets to a high level of risk. Suppose an accident takes place and your stuff gets destroyed, who will pay you? It is always good to have an insurance company as a fall back. You can also lose your goods while on transit or during storage. It can be very hard for any moving company in Los Angeles to compensate you unless the company is duly insured.
As a customer, you will have the peace of mind that you need most when using a moving company that is fully insured. It also gives you the assurance that the moving company has your interests at heart. Once we pick your belongings for transit, you can be sure that we will become responsible for everything. Our company insures all your belongings against accidents, damages, or theft for as long as it is still in our hands.
Therefore, it is always good to ask about the policy before entrusting any la movers with your belongings. The cover should be sufficient enough to replace the total value of your items in case there are any losses. The best moving companies in Los Angeles also partner with the best insurance companies in the market. A good insurance company should have a proven track record of paying its claims. Most customers overlook this element when looking for professional movers in Los Angeles. It is good to go a step higher and look at the quality of insurers that the movers use. One thing you will love about Los Angeles movers is that we have the best insurance covers for all our customers.

Extra Packaging Materials

It is good to go for companies that conduct a full-service move. Such commercial moving companies will come with everything that you need to pack your belonginess and move them to the new destination. Some of the items that you require include boxes, tape, bubble wrap, furniture pads, and dolleys and appliance movers. A reputable company will not charge you for additional materials just in case they run out of the same. It is good to understand the expectation of the movers before you hire them. Our company will not charge you unnecessarily. The team will look at your belongings in advance and come with sufficient packaging materials. We come with this to all our customers in Los Angeles, Ventura, Riverside, San Bernardino, and Orange Counties.

Size Requirements

Moving trucks come in different sizes. The beauty about hiring our moving company is that we have the ability to haul virtually everything that you need. Our moving professionals will accurately estimate your size requirements. Therefore, you can be sure that we will not let you down when moving your items. The company will assign a truck that has the ability to move your items comfortably. We will not force them to fit on a smaller truck as this can lead to damages.

Excellent Reviews

Before hiring professional movers and packers, it is good to go through their online reviews. It will tell you so much about the quality of service that the company offers. The good thing about this is that you will be hearing from people who have fist-hand experience of working with the company. In case the services that the company offers have a problem, you will get a good idea about the same. However, a single negative review does not render the whole company bad. It is good to look at the situation of the review before making a judgement.
One of the companies that have the best reviews online is Los Angeles Movers. It speaks so much about the reputation that we have in the market. In fact, most of our new customers are recommendations from those who have used our services in the past. Most people recommend our moving company to their friends and relatives.
Our moving company has a great reputation around the town. That is why we always stand out from the crowd. It is recommended that you carry out an in-depth research ahead of your moving window. It is one of the tips that will help you to make an informed choice. It is good to make sure that you hire professional packers with a high level of confidence. The reviews will help you to choose the best movers in the region.

Incredible Customer Service

As a good moving company in Los Angeles, we know that we have a pivotal role to play when it comes to welcoming prospective clients. Our company representatives have the knowledge and skills to answer all the questions that pertain to the services that we offer. You can be sure that our team will respond to you respectfully and promptly. You will really love the interaction that you will have with our customer care representatives.
Our company thrives on a happy and highly satisfied customer base. We are more than willing to give you a list of customers that we have served in the past. After all, there is nothing that we are hiding from you as one of our esteemed customers. Customer reviews will also help you to learn about the quality of services that we offer to our clients.

Pool of Skilled Workers, Equipment, and Vehicles

A reputable moving company like LA movers will have its own great vehicle and equipment to help in packing and transporting the goods that you need to move. You don’t want to encounter another extra cost as you look for packing items. We also have a pool of a highly skilled and motivate crew that handle their work with a high level of professionalism.
The process of relocation is a stressful one and you don’t want to add to this by hiring a company that does not have the right equipment. Look for movers that have good quality equipment that come with enough space to transport your stuff conveniently. The best company to help you out with this is Los Angeles Movers.


When moving your stuff from one place to another, there may come a time when you need to store part of your belongings in a warehouse. If you need to store your items during transit, make sure you get commercial moving companies that have a storage space. Also confirm whether the company is question is licensed to store goods. You should not leave anything to chances when dealing with a moving company in San Bernardino, Riverside, Ventura, Los Angeles, and Orange counties.


There are some commercial moving companies is Los Angeles that don’t pay close attention to being professional in their duties. All they want is to take the shortest time possible to move your property and move on to the next task. However, the case is very different when dealing with professional movers and packers like us. We will give maximum protection to your properties so that there are no damages during the move. You can be sure that your job will come out as successful and clean when you hire our services.

Great Recommendations

As you plan for your relocation, you need to hire a company that will make the whole moving process easy. You can do so by going for a company that has several recommendations from its past customers. Most of the people that have used our services always recommend us to their friends, colleagues, and relatives. This tells you that we have the interests of our customers at heart.
If past customers have nothing good to say about the quality of services that the company offers, you have very limited chances of choosing such a company. You can also get honest reviews from the Better Business Bureau.


When hiring a moving company, always look for one that has several years of experience in the moving business. It is one of the reasons that we come out as the best bet in Los Angeles. These are experts who know what they need to do and what not to do. Our experts also know all the industry regulations and how to serve you in the best way possible.

No Third-Party Involvement

It is a good thing to get a company that will handle all your moving needs without involving third parties. It is good to have a company that will take the full responsibility of its actions. In such a case, there will be no blame games whatsoever. It is not good to go for a moving company that will hire another mover to help it with the moving process. Let no one cheat you that such things will make the process cheaper and easier for you. The company should be sure that the crew will handle your property safely. The best way to do so is by avoiding the element of outsourcing by all costs. Get a company that will handle the moving process by itself.

Affordable Rates

You should not make your back account empty because of the moving process. On the other hand, don’t compromise on the quality of the move by looking for cheap process. The secret is looking at a moving company that offers high-quality services at the most affordable rates in the region. However, high prices don’t necessarily mean that you are getting the best moving services. There are companies that will give you the best moving experiences at very affordable rates. Check at the rates of these movers and make sure that they are within your budget. As we said earlier, you also have to make sure that you are getting the best in terms of quality.


Reliability is among the most important factors to consider when looking for commercial moving companies in Los Angeles. Reliable companies don’t keep their customers waiting and you can be sure that they will give you exemplary customer service. The company will also deliver your items in good time and also guarantee you a great customer experience. These are people who treat your stuff with utmost care. If his is what you are looking for in professionals, all you need to do is come to Los Angeles movers. The moving process is stressful and hiring the services of a bad company will just make everything more difficult. The above qualities of a good mover will help you to make the right decision. These are qualities that you will find in LA movers. You can be sure that we will move your belongings stress-free and safely. Our professionals will serve you whether you need a long distance move or you just want to move within the State. The main regions that we serve include Ventura, Riverside, San Bernardino, Los Angeles and Orange Counties.


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