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Data Center Services

Are you looking for Data Center Services? LA Movers specializes in providing data center services such as data server relocation, computer room cleaning services, and installation/reconfiguration of data centers.

LA Movers specializes in both data center relocation, as well as transporting delicate electronic equipment that is the backbone of so many businesses today. We can move your office cubicles, server rooms, computers, and tables, as well as any other electronic equipment efficiently, quickly, and safely.

Typically, we will send one of our professional move coordinators and they will meet with your supervisor or project manager and conduct a free on-site visual estimate and develop a smart, economic, and efficient approach to your move to minimize downtime

After the estimate, the LA Movers crew will come in on the agreed-upon date and immediately start working on your data center needs and providing excellent data center services, working non-stop to properly cover, wrap, package, and load all your electronic equipment onto our trucks and transport them, whether they be computers, monitors, laptops or anything else.

Once all materials have been transported, our team works tirelessly to unload them with the same efficiency and accuracy when they were first loaded. They will unpack and move all electronic equipment as designated by you accordingly. Once everything is done, our professional movers will also dispose of any trash and other recyclables you may have.

Moreover, if you have any questions or would like to know more information on properly moving your computer systems, screens, printers, and etc., check out our computer moving page.

Our clients in this realm include companies such as Google, Napster, Yahoo, and Sony, as well as small insurance agencies and other various firms.

We have decades of experience in handling electronic equipment including computers, printers, copiers, phone / data switches, laser printers servers, network installations, and peripheral equipment utilizing our trained professional personnel. While our data center services are centered in Los Angeles, California, and we provide our data center services in most all of the states on the West Coast.

Data center services just got easier. To start, call LA Movers now at (800) 445-1403 or email us at

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