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Server Room Cleaning

LA Movers has server room cleaning services and specialized cleaners for your server rooms. Our cleaners decontaminate the area of hazardous material in the environment. With decades of experience in cleaning, servicing, and maintaining contamination control, our cleaning crew is highly capable to provide the finest level of technical expertise, to data centers and server rooms nationwide.

Our clients in this realm include companies such as Google, Napster, Yahoo, and Sony, as well as small insurance agencies and other various firms. We have invaluable experience in handling and cleaning specialized, sensitive, electronic equipment including computers, servers, network installations, printers, copiers, phone / data switches, laser printers and peripheral equipment utilizing our trained professional personnel.

We follow very adamant standards to improve and maintain air quality in all server rooms and data centers. Our highly-trained cleaners know how to test for traces of dangerous contaminants both before we clean it and after as well. LA Mover’s server room cleaning services will ensure your data center is ISO and ASHRAE compliant.

Cleaning and maintaining data server rooms means reducing downtime through particle and residue removal at microscopic levels. Cleaning access to floor surfaces, sub-floors, server cabinet racks, construction phase cleaning, and walls and ceiling cleaning are but a few services LA Movers offers for its clients.

LA Movers cleans and maintains all types of data center surfaces – including equipment, cable trays, ceilings, walls, floors, sub-floors and more. Our crews are experienced in using the proper cleaning methods, chemicals and equipment to properly care for all of your sensitive surfaces in the data center. Whether your server rooms are large or small, simple or complex, LA Movers can do it all.

LA Movers cleaners and technicians are trained according to ISO and ASHRAE protocols to help test and identify sources of contamination during our cleaning services in your location.

If indicators are in a high risk category, our expert cleaners can provide solutions and alternatives to facilitate uptime and not take down the servers. The cleaners at LA Movers are committed to providing you with all the information you need to run a safe server room. We are committed to pursuing excellence with all our clientèle.

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