Seniors and Veterans Specials

When dealing with senior and veteran moving, you need to be extremely careful with who is handling the move. These are special and respected groups in the United States that need to be treated with special attention. You will not want to hear that someone mistreated a senior member of society or veteran during the move. It tells you why we have set up a special department to deal with the relocation of these special groups of individuals.

We pay close attention to the job description so that we get to understand your needs once and for all. Once you get a quote from us, the only thing we will request you to do is to authorize the estimate and send a deposit of 50%. From here, we will pencil you down for the desired move date. As a respectable member of society, you can be sure that we will not let you down. The crew will arrive on time and take the shortest time possible to execute your move. We have the right crew and equipment for all types of moves. It tells you why we are a top moving company in Los Angeles.

No other company will handle senior and veteran moving than LA Movers. You will really love the way we carry out the move from the beginning to the end. To book our moving professionals, call (800) 445-1403. You can also send us an email on You will really love the kind of services that you will get from our crew.

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