7 Smart Tips to Ensure Your Moving Day is a Breeze

7 Smart Tips to Ensure Your Moving Day is a Breeze

There will always come a time when you would require some assistance with moving your belongings from one place to the other. Are you planning on moving to L.A. from another state or are you switching suburbs? Are you relocating because of a great job opportunity or because you need a bigger house? If your answer is “yes” then you require reputable Los Angeles movers to ensure that you get to your new abode in one piece, with all your valuables intact.

Many people choose movers in Los Angeles by using referrals from people close to them. Friends, family and office colleagues are usually in a good position to give you the heads up on movers in Los Angeles that are reliable. On the other hand, some people rely on search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing, typing in queries like “movers Los Angeles” and wait for what pops up.

A top moving company can make all the difference. There are many places that people are moving to within the United States, but a fast growing trend shows that loads of people are looking for moving companies in Los Angeles. Here are 7 smart tips that you can use to ensure that your moving day is a breeze.

Plan Ahead

It is crucial that you pick 3-6 weeks before you actually plan to move. This helps to ensure that the Los Angeles movers that you eventually settle for has enough time to attend to you. If you plan on using them for storage purposes, get basic information about what needs to be stored and how it needs to be done.

Gun for Reputation

Never be moved by price. It is vital that you always go with a company that has a good track record or great service delivery. You might end up spending much more than you bargained for when you hire a cheap company. They can damage your goods, misplace your valuables or even worse forget to turn up. Work with referrals, read reviews on the web. Use all this information to choose a good moving company with a friendly price.

Check Up in 24 Hours

Ensure that you check up on your moving company at least 24 hours before you move. You do not want any last minute changes that would throw your plans into jeopardy. Do not pick up a phone and request that you need to move in the next 48 hours. The best moving companies are well booked in advance. Avoid having to deal with companies with poor track records or are just starting out in the business.

Save Your Money

Most movers will send out a salesperson to your residence to determine the time and number of workers required for the job. If they do not, insist on it or find a company that does. Some companies might offer a no obligation quote, others will charge an estimate. It is important that you have your items packed in boxes waiting to be loaded. Most movers will charge you for small items that are not boxed.

Time or Distance?

You also need to take into consideration how much time it takes to load the truck and the distance it would take to your new place. Some Los Angeles movers charge by how much time they spend on the road. Others charge by how many miles they cover. Try to avoid moving during rush hour and work with movers that base their fees on distance rather than time spent on the road.

Know Your Location

You might not have been to your new place. But it helps to do some background check by surfing the web or making a phone call. Some places in L.A. have tough guidelines about what you can keep outdoors. If you are moving into an apartment complex or condominium, chances are high that you will not be allowed to leave anything outside.

If your “movers in Los Angeles” search yields some good results or contact details, then it can help with your inquiries. When you move, also try to get friendly with the neighbors and find out more about do’s in the area.

Go for Insurance

The safety of your belongings is enough cause for concern. Do not take anything for granted; go for Los Angeles movers that have insurance. This serves as a protective cover for anything that might end up damaged or missing. There is the likelihood that a good moving company will get your things to your new place, safe and sound. But there is nothing wrong with taking the necessary precautions.

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