Ultimate Guide on How to Tip Movers

Ultimate Guide on How to Tip Movers

Are you supposed to tip movers? This question goes through the mind of so many people across the United States. According to the United States Census Bureau, close to 35 million individuals pack their belongings and move to a new location within the United States each year. However, very few people think about the whole idea of tipping movers. However, it is always good to appreciate the good services that someone offers to you even if you have paid the company. However, you may not know how much you can tip a mover. That is why we will be addressing this subject in this article.

These are people who work so hard to haul your bed, couch, dresser and other possession. In some cases, they will even need to carry the items up to the fifth floor. It is not easy to carry some of the heavy and bulky items upstairs. Should you tip them in food, beer, or money? If you ask from Google, you will get so many answers to this question. When it comes to money, some people recommend a flat rate while others go for a percentage of the moving cost. This article shades some light on the tipping etiquette and how much you can tip your mover.

How Much Should I Tip Movers

Are you supposed to tip movers? If yes, how much? Moving companies don’t include a gratuity in their pricing automatically. What this means is that tipping is a gesture from you as the customer. The general guidelines are that the amount that you give to movers as a tip should be 15 to 20 percent of the total cost of the move for long distance and large moves. However, for the small cross-town moves, you can reduce the rates to 5 to 10 percent. The lump sum amount that you pay should be split among all the movers on the crew. You will discover that the amount that each mover receives is not as much as you thought.

Always think about the level of care that these professionals put in moving your items and the difficulty of the move as you consider the best amount of tip to award. These are important factors to consider when thinking about the amount that you should give out as a tip to the movers. If you discover that the movers are going beyond and above, consider a tip that is above the upper range of 10 or 20 percent of the total moving cost.

Some people believe that it is better to top a flat fee and not a percentage. There is a flat rate tipping method that has been recommended by Redecorate.com. She recommends 20 to 30 dollars to each crew member for the small moves and 40 dollars for the complex or large moves. According to her, you should hand over the tip to each crew member directly instead of giving it to the foreman to divvy up.

Do You Tip Movers?

It is not a requirement that you should give the movers a tip. Movers should treat your item like their own, be on time, and remain well-organized. These professionals should follow your request, be courteous, and answer all the question that arise during the move. The most important thing is that nothing should get into your new home when it is missing or damaged. In case an accident takes place, the movers should take ownership for all the damaged items and help you in filing the claim with the company.

  • Were there multiple of excessive stairs to move?
  • Did the movers make several stops like to an offsite storage unit and to your home?
  • Was there a lot of heavy or awkward furniture?
  • Did they have to take extra care for your piano and any other antique or sentimental items?
  • Did the crew take time to add some extra padding on your fragile items or follow special instructions with a lot of care?
  • Were they efficient, courteous, and pleasant to be around?

The answers to all these questions will give you a clue on whether you should tip the mover or not. It is good to make an informed decision when choosing to hire professional movers in Los Angeles.

The huge national movers typically include a tip as part of their bill. What this means is that you will be paying the tip as part of the move. Most of the small companies don’t have this option in their bill of payments. In case you are running a small moving company, you may not have this option. What this implies is that you can tip the movers in cash. Besides, you may ask the foreman if you can add the tip on the amount that is charged on the card of any other payment method that is preferred by the team.

Use a Card to Tip: When you tip the mover using a card, it will be easy to document to the IRS that the moving costs included tips especially when the time comes to deduct the moving costs on the tax returns. Large cash tips that don’t have any documentation may be disallowed if the IRS was to audit your operations.

Use a Check to Tip: If you are in the process of documenting your moving costs, you can also use a check to tip the movers. In case you take this route, you can write a single check and allow the foreman of the crew to distribute the amount among the other members.

Tip with Cash: Cash seems to be the best way for tipping movers. However, you have to confirm with the crew foreman in advance that this method of tipping is in line with the company policy.

Tipping with Food

Have you ever thought of using food and drinks for a tip? It is a nice thing to give the movers some refreshments whether you are tipping them or not. The drinks should be appropriate to the weather like lemonade and water for the hot days and coffee for the cold morning moves. These are things that you need to put into consideration when choosing drinks for the moving day.

If the moving process crosses over to the lunch hour or if it ends up taking the entire day, you can give the crew some lunch. Let the movers tell you what they wish to eat instead of just placing a pizza order. Just think of the amount of pizza that they get every month? Snacks such as oranges, apples, cookies, or chips are perfect for moves that take a few hours to a half a day.

One thing you should never lack is water. Having a water jug and plastic or paper cups come in handy. We also have some people who ask about using beer as a tip. Beer is a good gesture but the best moving companies in Los Angeles will not allow their employees to drink while on the job. Therefore, you can gift the crew with a 6-pack to go. However, it is better if you were to stick with the non-alcoholic treats and beverages. It will make sure that you are not interfering with the work day of the crew. You will also be helping the crew to remain professional as they continue with their service delivery.

Bottom Line

It is a brilliant idea to tip the movers regardless of the size of the move. Look at how complex your move is, the distance that you are moving, and the amount of stuff that you have in order to determine the best top to give to the crew.

There are so many questions that you need to ask yourself as you make the decision. These include; did the crew go beyond and above? What level of heavy lifting was involved in the moving process? Can you recommend this moving company in Los Angeles to another person? If the movers have done an exemplary job, give them something extra as a way of letting them know that they did a good job. You can do all this once they have removed your belongings from the truck. To get a free moving quote, just call us on 800 445 1403. You can also send us an email on info@la-movers.com and we will get back to you promptly.

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