Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Moving Company in Los Angeles

Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Moving Company in Los Angeles

Moving company in Los Angeles vs. DIY, which one is the best alternative? There are so many reasons as to why people opt for moving companies in Los Angeles. When you hire long distance movers, it will save you from having to handle the heavy lifting on the moving day. This is one of the reasons why most people opt for moving services in Los Angeles.

Professional movers will load and unload the trucks in the best way possible. These experts will also move your furniture without scratching the floors in any way. All you need to do is choose an affordable and reliable moving company to handle your relocation. It will make sure that you have an effective and an efficient move. It also frees up your valuable energy and time so that you can use it in handling other important aspects of the move.

Types of Moves in Los Angeles

Most moving companies in Los Angeles either specialize in long distance or local moves. Nearly all these moving companies specialize in both long distance and local moving services. However, there are some that are only licensed to operate locally and are unable to cross the state lines. It is good to understand the difference between an interstate move and a long-distance move. It will help you to make an informed decision when choosing a moving company in Los Angeles

Local Movers Los Angeles

Local moves comprise of the moves that are below fifty miles within a given state. These moves are less expensive in comparison to long distance moving. In most cases, movers calculate the cost of local moving in Los Angeles using the number of hour that it will take them to move your belongings to the desired location, the number of movers that are needed to relocate your stuff, the volume that your belongings occupy on the trucks, and the additional services that the movers will do such as furniture assembly or packing.
The local movers that you hire should be insured and licensed. A reputable local mover will typically specialize in the city or area and will be able to move you with a high level of efficiency. Go for a company whose hourly rate is competitive, has excellent reviews from the residents, and has all the required credentials. Make sure you choose local LA Movers that meet the above criteria.

Long Distance Movers Los Angeles

Long distance moves typically go beyond 50 miles away. This statement remains to be true even if the move is within the State. For example, moving from Los Angeles to San Francisco is considered as a long-distance move.
If the long-distance move is within the same state, it is known as an ‘intrastate move.’ You could have heard professionals within the industry using this terminology from time to time. Moving to a different State like from Texas to California is also considered to be a long-distance move. However, the type of long distance moving where you cross state lines is referred to as ‘interstate moving.’ As you plan to hire a moving company for your next move, confirm whether they offer interstate, statewide, and/or local moving. If you will be moving for a long distance within the State, you will need a licensed local mover or a licensed interstate mover that has the ability of moving statewide.

Interstate Movers

If you are planning to move across state lines i.e. you will be driving outside the current state, you have to hire an insured and licensed interstate moving company in Los Angeles like LA Movers. Several companies offer these services in the United States but you have to make sure that you are getting the best from them all. Don’t forget that not all the long-distance movers are also interstate movers. Opting to hire from the national moving companies pool will help you to hire a licensed company that operates outside your state. You can get more information about any moving company by checking the mover’s U.S. DOT number.

Types of Long-Distance Movers

There are several types of interstate movers that you can choose from whenever you are relocating to a new office or home. The list comprises of Specialized moving companies, self-service moving companies and full-service moving companies. Here is a brief description of all these services.
i. Full-Service Moving Companies The popular full-service moving company is the most expensive type of movers. The professionals under this category handle everything from packing your stuff, unloading and loading the moving trucks, and also transporting your items to the desired location.
ii. Specialized Moving Companies Are you planning to move a hot tub or large piano? There also comes a time when you need to move your valuable antique. What you need to do is hire one of the moving companies that just specialize in the item that you are moving. These companies are trained to move specialized items like antiques, art, hot tub appliances, and pianos among other items. Moving companies can also specialize in international moving, long distance moves, or local moving. However, most of the moving companies offer both long distance and local moving services.
iii. Self-Service Moving Companies Moving companies under this category are more affordable and typically less expensive than the full-service moving companies. It is an excellent option for those clients who don’t mind getting their hands dirty. What the self-service moving company does is to deliver a container or truck at your doorstep. Self-service moving companies also handle the transportation of your stuff. However, you as the customer will do the loading and unloading of your stuff. The self-service moving companies comprise of freight trailer companies and moving container companies.

Interstate Movers Vs. Long Distance Movers

The main difference between an interstate moves and a long-distance move is whether the move crosses the state lines or not. When a move is within the state but over 50 miles, it is considered as long distance moving but not an interstate one. Here are the three main differences that you need to put into consideration as you compare these two types of moves.
• Geographical Differences Note that not all the long-distance movers can move your household items across the State lines. For instance, a Los-Angeles based mover could only be licensed to operate and work within the State of Los Angeles. Thus, while they are capable of completing the long-distance intrastate moves like from Ventura to Riverside, they can carry out the long-distance interstate moves. If you are planning to relocate to a new state, you should hire a reputable interstate mover whoare subject to the regulations and rules of FMCSA. Geographical differences are an important consideration when looking for long distance movers in Los Angeles.
• Tariff and Cost Differences Several factors determine the cost of long distance and interstate move. However, these factors vary from one moving company in Los Angeles to another. For moves that are cross state lines, the cost is determines by the shipment costs, cost of labor, and mileage among other services. Most moving companies base their quotes on the weight estimation for your belongings. If the move is binding, clients will purchase exactly what they are quoted, nothing more, nothing less.
When dealing with non-binding quotes, on the other hand, the customer will have a rough idea of the cost of their shipment. However, the actual cost is subject to changing depending on the real weight of your belongings. We also have the non-binding guaranteed-not-to-exceed contract guarantees that the cost of moving will not exceed the estimated cost. The case still stands even if the actual weight is more than what was estimated originally.
Long distance moving companies in Los Angeles base their moving costs on various factors. For example, the company can base the moving cost on a flat hourly amount, cost of fuel, and the other moving services that are incurred.
What makes up an hourly rate of moving varies from one company and state to another. In some states, when you are doing a move that is over fifty miles, the cost will be determined by the shipment cost like is the case in the interstate move. What this implies is that you will not be charged on an hourly basis. Make sure you request a moving breakdown from the moving company. It will give you a better understanding of how the company charges its clients for the specific type of moving.

Logistical Differences

When dealing with interstate moving, it will typically take more time for the company to deliver the shipment. In most cases, out of state and cross-country movers always take several stops along the way to drop off and pick up customer belongings. The mileage can also be higher which means that it will take the movers more time to get to your destination.
When moving across several state lines, it can take more than two full weeks to receive your belongings. On the other hand, long distance moves don’t typically take a long time. You are not moving that far and the moving company can even deliver your belongings on the same day or during the same week.

The Main Factors That Affect the Moving Company Quotes

There are so many factors that influence the cost of the moving company. The main ones include;
1. Weight The weight if your stuff is a primary determinant of the moving cost. If you are moving more stuff, the implication is that it will be more expensive. Loading and unloading a large household takes a much longer time. Your belongings will also require a big truck to be moved to the desired location. It tells you why LA Movers uses weight as one of the primary determinants of the cost of moving.
2. Distance The other determinant is the distance between the origin of your belongings and the destination. The mileage between one point and another will affect the full price of your move. Apart from paying for the gas, you will also pay the driver and his crew for the time that they will be spending on the road. In summary, farther moves are more expensive than the shorter ones.
3. Labor Costs The cost of labor tends to vary from one moving company and state to another. For most of the local moves, movers are normally paid on an hourly rate. The interstate moves normally comprise of the estimated labor costs in the moving quotes. It is also a primary determinant of the total moving cost.
4. Packing Costs When you hire a full-service mover to unpack or pack your stuff, you will pay some extra few dollars for that service. Moving companies also charge some extra fee to disassemble and assemble your furniture. The cost is normally an addition in the moving quote.
5. Valuation and Liability Coverage Moving companies give customers at least two options for valuation coverage. These include Released Value Protection and Full Value Protection. The more comprehensive option is the full value protection. In this liability coverage, if the mover loses or damages your item, they will reimburse its current cash value. The most basic liability option that is in the market is the Released Value Protection. You get it in the moving quote for free and covers approximately 0.60 cents per pound of the cargo.
6. Additional Storage Are you looking for a moving company that can temporarily store your items during, before, or even after the move? The company will also add this cost to the moving estimate. The rates of storage also vary from one moving company to another. Make sure you inquire about this rate before you agree to add it on the moving quote.


What are the Inclusions in a Full-Service Long Distance Moving Company Los Angeles?

Are you looking for a company that can handle your moving from the beginning to the end? What you need is a full-service moving company in Los Angeles. With a full-service moving company, these experts will come to your home or office in their moving truck, load all your belongings, drive everything to the desired destination, and do the unloading of the items.
There are some additional services that the full-service moving company typically offers to clients. These include the disassembling and reassembling of furniture, unpacking, and also packing of your items. You can box your items and allow the full-service moving company to do all the other things.
People who are moving at the last minute are the ones who prefer to go for full-service moves. It is also a great option if you don’t have the ability and time to move by yourself. When you hire a full-service mover, you should be ready to spend big bucks. However, the additional convenience that you get from this service is worth the high price tag. You will surely get the value for your money especially when you choose the best full-service LA Movers.

How Do I Know That I am Dealing with a Legitimate Moving Company in Los Angeles?

Before hiring a moving company in Los Angeles, you have to make sure that the company is insured and licensed. All interstate movers should register with the Federal government and you can find them in the U.S. DOT system. On the other hand, local movers are regulated by the state only.
Therefore, you have to check the requirements of the state and make sure that you are dealing with a legitimate local mover. Apart from making sure that the company is insured and licensed, also go through their online reviews and complaint history. The best starting point is checking the profile of the company on the BBB (Better Business Bureau). This is a non-profit organization that helps people to find trustworthy companies. If you come across a moving company that has been accredited by the BBB, it shows that the mover has met the accreditation standards of the organization.

How Can I avoid Scams from Moving Companies?

The FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) reports that there has been an increase in the number of complaints that are being filed against the rogue movers nowadays. To make sure that no scam takes place, you should follow the guidelines in the above answer to make sure that the moving company is legit. Also go for moving companies that do a video survey or in-person inspection of all your belongings before they give you a moving quote. It will make sure that you have a moving estimate that is as accurate as possible.
You also need to avoid cheap moving companies that offer cheap prices that are too good to be true. When it comes to moving, you will often get what you pay for. Get moving quotes from multiple companies as this will allow you to compare their pricing.

Where Can I get Legit Movers

All moving companies in the large network of moving.com professional movers should be insured and licensed. When you submit your moving request on the website, you will be able to get a reputable moving company. It is not hard to find a reputable moving company as long as you do your homework well.

How Do I Check the U.S. DOT Number of the Moving Company?

Any reputable interstate moving company in Los Angeles must have a U.S. number. To check the DOT number of the mover, just enter it in the search engine of FMCSA. The tab is normally recorded under the ‘Search Mover and Complaint History’ tab on the website. The search will display the complaint history of the mover or the lack of it.

How Many Moving Company Quotes Should I Get?

When interviewing various professionals for the moving job, it is wise to obtain about three to four moving quotes. It will give you a rough idea of the cost of the move. There will be no form of exploitation because you will already be having a rough idea of the rates that are charged in the market. Therefore, you should work towards getting multiple quotes before you make a decision on the best moving company in the region.

How Much Will a Moving Company Cost Me?

Out-of-state moving cost basically depends on the weight of your belongings and the destination that you are moving to. The American Moving & Storage Association estimates the cost of hiring moving professionals for interstate moving to be $4300 on average based on the average distance of 1225 miles and an average weight of 7400 pounds. This cost tends to vary depending on the services that you need. Local moving, generally speaking, tends to be much cheaper. When you hire professionals for this interstate moving, it will cost you $2300 on average for four movers working at an average of $200 per hour. However, the rate of moving varies from one company to another. That is why it is important to compare quotes from various companies before making a decision.

What is the Most Expensive Season to Move?

When it comes to moving, peak seasons normally occur during the summer months. Therefore, if you re scheduling your move between May to September, you should be ready to pay higher prices to the moving professionals. If you have no choice but to move during the peak season, it is better to aim for a mid-week or mid-month move. Movers tend to be on a higher demand at the end and beginning of the month and also during the weekends. In case your move is during the winter months, you can also save money by choosing to move on weekdays and not weekends.

Can I get Discounts from a Moving Company in Los Angeles?

Most of the Moving companies in America offer discounts to former and current members of the military and also the AAA members. You can check the AAA moving discounts and AAA moving discounts by checking online. Visiting the moving.com online box center will also help you to save a lot of money on the moving supplies.

What Differentiates a Binding not-to-Exceed Estimate from a Non-Binding and Binding One

If the mover gives you a non-binding estimate, they will be giving you a moving estimate that is based on the weight of your belongings. However, the non-binding quote isn’t set in stone and changes depending on how much your move weighs.
Binding estimates, on the other hand, are fixed estimate costs. If you agree to a binding estimate, you will pay exactly what you were quoted originally. With a binding-not-to-exceed quote, even if the weight of your shipment goes beyond the original shipment, you will not be charged extra for that. You will instead pay what was quoted originally. If the shipment weight is less than what was estimated originally, the company will only charge you for the cost of shipping the exact weight of your belongings.

Which is the Most Popular Type of Moving Estimate

The binding not-to-exceed estimate remains to be the most popular type of moving quote. The moving quote is usually referred to as the ‘guaranteed not-to-exceed’ quote. Choosing a not-to-exceed estimate is often in the best interest of the customer because it will make sure that you will not pay more than what was quoted originally even if the weight of your belongings ends up exceeding the original estimate. However, if the actual weight of the shipment is lower than the original estimate, you will pay less than what was originally quoted. That is why most customers like to go for this type of moving quote. You need a clear information on the various types of moving quotes before making a decision on which one will serve you best.

What Makes Up the Moving Quote

If you are doing a long-distance move, the estimate should have the address and name of the moving company, estimated and minimum weigh, miles traveled, tariff cost, unpacking and packing fees, any applicable discounts, accessorial services, insurance surcharges, fuel surcharges, transportation charges, and storage charges among the other factors that affect the moving quote.

How can I save on the Costs of Moving as I Hire a Mover in Los Angeles?

It is obvious that hiring a moving company costs the customer a pretty penny. The good thing is that there are ways of cutting down the moving cost as you hire their professionals. Inquiring about the various discounts that are available is the first thing that you need to do. Most moving companies in the United States also give the members of the armed forces military discounts.
You can also reduce the moving costs by doing the packing of your belongings by yourself instead of letting the professionals to box the items for you. The other tip is choosing a moving tip that is characterized with low moving rates. Avoid moving in the summer because it is the peak season and instead opt for a late winter/fall move when there is a low demand in the industry. The last tip is to get rid of any unnecessary belongings in order to cut on the moving costs. Some of the items can be recycled, donated, or taken to the recycle bin. At the end of the day, you will have reduced the weight of the items that you are moving.

Compare Various Long Distance Movers Los Angeles

There are so many moving companies Los Angeles that you can choose from. As a result, it can be quite overwhelming to make a decision. Fortunately, there is a large network of national movers and an algorithm that matches the details of your movers with the most qualified and reliable movers. Therefore, you will be matched with the best moving company Los Angeles for your needs. You just have to submit your moving details so as to receive free moving quotes from several moving companies. Happy moving and best of luck!

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