Data Center Relocation

Data Center Relocation

Our Data Center Relocation services are available in Los Angeles, Ventura, San Bernardino, Riverside, Orange and San Diego Counties in southern California. If you reside or do business in any of these cities, you can trust us for the best data center moving services.

We specialize in both data center relocation and transporting sensitive electronic equipment that is at the heart of so many businesses today. We can move your server rooms, computers, office cubicles and tables, as well as any other electronic equipment quickly, safely, and efficiently. It tells you why we have the largest customer base when it comes to data center relocation in Los Angeles and its environments.

Usually, we will send one of our move coordinators and they will meet with your project manager or supervisor and conduct a free on-site visual estimate and develop a tactical approach to your move to minimize downtime. The primary objective of our data center movers is to make sure that they are as efficient as possible when it comes to service delivery. The company has put in place relevant measures to help us exceed your expectations regardless of your moving needs.

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After the estimate, the LA Movers crew will come in on the agreed-upon date and immediately start working on your data center needs, working tirelessly to properly cover, wrap, package, and load all your electronic equipment onto our trucks and transport them, whether they be computers, monitors, laptops or anything else. Our company has a talented crew of data center equipment movers. We have also equipped the team with the right equipment to make sure that everything flows smoothly.

Once all materials have been transported, our team works tirelessly to unload them with the same efficiency and accuracy when they were first loaded. They will unpack and move all electronic equipment as designated by you accordingly. Once everything is done, our professional movers will also dispose of any trash and other recyclables you may have. Our data center movers will not leave any form of mess in your place. They have to make sure that they leave everything clean and organized.

Moreover, if you have any questions or would like to know more information, check out our computer moving page for more information. We have listed everything that is good for your knowledge on this page. When you hire our data center movers, you can be sure that you will have the peace of mind that you deserve most.

Data Center Relocation Los Angeles

Our clients in this realm include companies such as Google, Napster, Yahoo, and Sony, as well as small insurance agencies and other various firms. It tells you that we have the capacity to serve the high-end clientele. We have invaluable experience in handling electronic equipment including computers, servers, network installations, printers, copiers, phone / data switches, laser printers and peripheral equipment utilizing our trained professional personnel. You can trust us especially if you are looking for someone who will handle your equipment responsibly and professionally.

LA Movers typically has more than 20 years’ experience in data center relocation. It tells you that we have all that it takes to deliver way beyond your expectations. It is a good thing to know that your data center equipment is in the right hands.

We secure each and every item to make sure that there is no form of damage or breakage to your valuable equipment. The whole idea of paying extra attention is what makes most people in the region to trust us. We know you have spent a lot of money in buying these items and you may not want to lose any of them. Besides, a small failure in your server equipment can significantly influence service delivery. Such a thing can cost you a lot in terms of profits and customer services.

However, there are times when I can confidently say that accidents are inevitable. This informs our decision to provide cargo insurance. Even though this is an optional package, we advise all our clients to take cargo insurance when moving such high quality items. All we need is the value of the inventory and we will provide the insurance cover.

The amount that you pay is often a certain percentage of the value of your items. You cannot compare what you pay to the level of risk that we cushion you against. The good thing is that this insurance covers your items while in the truck and when our movers are handling them. Even though we are extra careful in equipment handling and have enough safety measures in place, we still advise you to go an extra mile and get insurance for all your server equipment. It will eliminate any form of worries during the move.

Data center relocation and migrations just got easier. To start, call LA Movers now at (800) 445-1403 or email us at . Given the quality of services that we offer, you can be sure of getting the value for your money from our movers.

Data Center Relocation Project


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