Moving and Storage

Moving and Storage

When you are in-between moves and don't know what to do with all of your furnishings, let us store your belongings in our trucks or help you locate to a storage facility in your area.

LA Movers is the best moving and storage company in Los Angeles. Apart from offering exceptional moving solutions, you will also get state-of-the-art private storage facilities that will serve you in the best way possible.

Our storage facilities come with so many features that have the capacity of meeting all your storage needs. Private storage units are stored in storm proof and fireproof buildings. The company is insured and licensed for your safety and protection. Here are some of the key features that give our private storage facility the ability of being able to accommodate your needs.

• Climate controlled storage units
• Personal storage vaults
• 24/7 security surveillance cameras

Moving and Storage Los Angeles

Secure and Safe Storage Facilities

Security is among the most important factors when it comes to storage. LA Movers has taken calculated moves which help us to keep your belongings secure. Also, we have personal storage vaults to enhance the level of security. Each of these storage vaults are locked away and secure for your privacy.

As experienced moving professionals, we understand that secure storage goes beyond security. We also provide climate-controlled units to make sure that your furniture and all the articles that you store with us remain in the best possible condition. Our facilities are sterilized, modern and extremely clean. You will not come across these great features in any other moving and storage company within the region.

Time is not a factor that will affect the condition of your belongings on in any way. When you come to collect your items, you will discover that they are in the same condition as you stored them. Whether you need these storage services for long term or short-term use, we guarantee you that our climate-controlled storage facility will protect your belongings throughout the stay.

We can also help you to store your items during a renovation, in the middle of a long-distance move or even a local move. We also provide high-value storage units for your pianos, fine-art-work, and antiques. There is no need to worry as you can be sure that we will store your valuable possessions safely. You will have the peace of mind as you wait for the day to come and pick your possessions. LA movers is in deed a perfect alternative for all your storage needs.

Moving Has Never Been This Easy

Our company provides you with dependable and trustworthy moving services at the most affordable rates. These movers handle everything from the beginning to the end which guarantees you a stress-free move. You can trust us from getting an accurate quote to staging your furniture pieces upon delivery. Our top priority as a moving company is your satisfaction.

We accommodate the individual needs of our customers from the beginning to the end. You can be sure that we will walk with you throughout the moving process. Feel free to contact us today for your Free No Obligation Quote. Below is a breakdown of the main services that you will get from us:

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Overnight Truck Storage

If you need to be out of your place today, but can't get into your new home or office until tomorrow, this may be the option for you: LA Movers can pick up your items one day, keep them on the truck overnight, and then deliver them the next morning to your new home.

Off-site storage locations

The team at LA Movers has an extensive knowledge of self-storage facilities in the southern California area. We have moved customers into and out of most facilities, and often get feedback on the service that was provided; therefore, if we cannot accommodate your storage needs, we will be able to recommend another facility that can.

Long Distance Moving

You cannot plan for a long-distance move unless you have the right professionals by your side. LA Movers executes worry-free and swift moves with the help of our accomplished long-distance movers. You can be sure that we will move you on time.

Our long-distance moving services are characterized with a convenient and swift nature that helps us in facilitating a hassle-free moving experience. The dedicated moving consultants guarantee you all-inclusive and stress-free long distance moving and storage services.

Try to compare LA long-distance movers with any other player in the industry and you will discover that we are second to none. We deliver excellent services at a price that you cannot beat.

Cross Country or Interstate Moving

Finding a high-quality and affordable cross country moving company in Los Angeles is not as easy as you may think. When moving between States, you should look for the best moving help that you can find within the region. LA Movers will help you to move your home, office, or any other items no matter where you are moving from or to.

As we speak, we offer the best cross country moving services in the United States. We have been dealing with interstate moving for several years now. The reputation that we have in helping our clients to move from one state to another speaks for itself. We offer affordable interstate moving services whether you are moving your business or home.

Local Moving

Whether you are relocating from a condo, apartment, or you are looking for home movers in Los Angeles, we have the best local moving services that you need. Our billing system guarantees you the best rates when it comes to local moving. Our company also has the best equipment and workforce to make your home moving a great success.

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Residential Moving

We have a trustworthy team that will guarantee the privacy and safety of your personal belongings. Our company provides the required packing equipment, instructions, and tips and also the support and labor that you need to have a more efficient move. LA Movers has the most reputable moving experts in the region. You can be sure that we will not only meet but exceed your expectations when it comes to residential moving.

Commercial Moving

Our company has polite commercial moving experts who will help you to coordinate a timely relocation of your business. Whether you are moving across the country or you are just moving floors, we have well-trained and highly experienced movers to handle your needs.

The team of business movers that we have are dedicated to your success. We will move your warehouse, office, or store without any form of down time. You can also get after hours and weekend moving at no additional cost from us to meet your office moving needs better. Our company is flexible enough to schedule the moving process to meet your unique needs.

Corporate Relocation

Moving is often an excellent fresh beginning. With LA Movers by your side, the corporate relocation process is a breeze. Our professional movers will meticulously and carefully relocate your office in a timely manner. We are a brand that you can count on when planning for a corporate move.

Antique & Piano Moving

The piano is a highly valuable possession and hence calls for optimal care during the move. It is good to contact professional movers in Los Angeles if you are keen about safe delivery. We will relocate your piano or any other antique safely in the new home. The amount that we charge you is insignificant when you compare with the quality of moving services that you receive.

Military Moving and Other Special Services

Military personnel operate under strict deadlines and this calls for a high level of planning. Our moving professionals will work with you closely in order to your unique moving budget and schedule. Apart from military, the other special moving services that we offer include senior moving and fine art moving services. You will get all these unique moving services from our company at very affordable rates in the market.

Auto Transport

Our professionals arrange for a reliable, safe, and timely moving of your vehicle to the desired destination. The services range from bare minimum moves to full service moving. You can be sure of getting affordable moving services that are within your budget. Therefore, if you are planning to move your motor vehicle, feel free to get in touch with us for the best solutions.

Packing Services

When you hire our skilled movers and packers, you will be able to avoid easting time, injuries and damage to your property. Each move comes with our special packing and moving services. The company sends professional packers to your door step to offer excellent packing services to you. If you are moving the most fragile and valuable possessions, you can be sure that they will be safe in the hands of our professional packers. Therefore, you will not hire another company to do the packing of your belongings.

Storage Services

Declutter your space by putting your possessions in our secured and clean storage facilities. Moving is among the most stressful events in life. As a company, one of our primary goals is taking this stress off your hands. That is why we handle the entire moving process from the beginning to the end. If you want to store the items that will not fit in your new house or you are between homes, we provide both short term and long-term storage solutions.

The best place to safeguard and store your possessions should be in places that have 24/7 video surveillance services. To add on this, our storage facility also has 24/7 surveillance services. Given the experience that we have in the industry, we will move and store your possessions with a lot of ease. Long distance moving is a major event in the life of any person. Our company will help you to carry out this process in a safe and professional manner. We provide safe and secure climate control storage facilities with modern units of various sizes.

Why Choose Us

• We offer efficient and expedited relocation services
• LA movers offers 24/7 customer support
• Both your property and personal information is safe in our hands
• You will get instant moving estimates from us
• The company offers a stress-free moving experience
• Our company is insured, licensed and certified
• We offer both organized packing and unpacking services
• Our moving rates are negotiable and competitive
• As a full-service moving company, we will meet all your needs

100% Guaranteed

Our primary concern is on time and safe delivery of your belongings. One thing we are confident is that we will either meet or exceed your expectations.

Attention to Detail

You can be sure that we will thoughtfully plan every step on the moving and storage process. We take a careful inventory of all your items and GPS track the whole moving process.

Customized Services

It is obvious that no two moves are 100% similar. As a result, we customize our services in such a way that we are able to meet your unique needs. We guarantee you a worry-free and highly efficient moving process.

Free Online Moving Quotes

As you continue sorting out the various details that are related to your move, it is important to know the amount that the move will cost you. That is why we provide free online moving quotes to all our customers. It will give you an idea of what you are getting yourself into. You will discover that we offer very competitive pricing for all our services.

To start call us now at (800) 445-1403 or email us at


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